Arcane Tournament Setup Support Needed

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    April 14, 2018 at 8:50 am #111164

    I can’t help but feel that an actual video showing how to set up the tournament section with all the pages needed, the menu’s and sub-menu’s is required.

    I have spent months setting up this side of things and it’s really starting to chaff. There is no video to follow and I need this running.

    Sure, ZORZ is a nice guys and all but I can’t help feeling that when there is an issue, it’s dealt with on a specific basis so 1 thing gets fixed at a time when and if you come across it. If there are 40 things that need fixing and each one is going to take 48hrs each for responses etc that’s 80 days to fix them all.

    Why is there not more support for the tournaments section? Why is there not a set fee to get a websites tournament section running by someone that is used to setting this up and knows what needs adding in and where?

    I’m getting mighty frustrated that I can’t just pay someone to help do this. I have asked Zorz already and he didn’t mention it in his reply. I’m not a coder at the end of the day and would appreciate someone who will waste less time than I’m currently spending just getting all the necessary pages, menu’s etc in place.

    If someone does do this, let me know cos I’m getting fed up of trying and banging my head against a wall. Zorz, if you do this let me know cos I want this working.

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