arcane_custom_post_types plugin… what, where, how, and why etc.

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    December 15, 2016 at 1:05 am #91364


    I’m going through my cPanel files and found a folder in my plugins titled ‘arcane_custom_post_types’ and for the life of me I cannot recall what it is. Did I make this? Did it come with the theme? … and so, I went to search for it. But couldn’t find it.

    What I mean is, one thing I did was to re-download the theme update (v 1.4.3) and then I unzipped it locally and searched for “custom_post”… nothing showed up.

    I am no means an expert here, so for all I know somehow the code in the theme just creates or makes this plugin folder + files? Can anyone remind me what this is and how I got it? lol

    Just want to understand the concept here. Bonus points to anyone who can explain to me (assuming it was somewhere in the theme files and I missed it) where exactly this plugin folder/files are located in the theme’s hierarchy, and how they all ‘knew to just go into my site’s plugins folder’ (i.e. /content->plugins) yet presumably came from somewhere within /content->themes->arcane, as I cannot recall this folder. Did I activate this at some point in the dashboard under plugins?


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