FB, Twitter login not working

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    March 8, 2017 at 10:08 am #97321


    After going through the setting up of the twitter app/fb app (after putting in the api and api secret as indicated in the video tutorials), I have tried several times to log-in from twitter and Facebook When I try to log in, it asks for the permission then it just starts to loop on between twitter and the site login with no result…

    I also tried with FB and it also does not work.

    1) Are you providing a working version of the theme?
    I see you mention and updated version in other similar posts facing a similar issues with login. Can you specify what is the working version of your product?

    2) If it is supposed to work, then where can I find more specific instructions to make sure I am not doing anything wrong? I already have seen this:

    and also this one that is more detailed for FB…

    I have checked all the steps and did everything twice or thrice for both FB and Twitter and it just does not work…


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