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    January 11, 2018 at 3:45 am #107645

    Hello I have a new coder and am attempting to finish setting up my site. He is doing some custom coding to have paypal and Stripe and both KIA and AON funding. The problem is Stripe is saying things like you cannot take money from people into your website admin account and then send the money to project creators minus your admin fee because that is like money laundering and they will not support this flow of money. So they are saying to use Stripe Connect with Express or Custom accounts and have the credit cards not charged until project is over because thats how indiegogo and kickstarter use stripe connect. In the past they said customers should be charged asap not a month into project so they dont do chargebacks if they forget what bill on credit card is for. It gets complicated because I want both AON and KIA and rewards and regular no reward donations so there is no one fits all workflow.

    Now my coder is saying that I need to collect all the money from stripe or paypal in my admin account and then subtract my commission and then send money to project creator. This as i said Stripe calls “money laundering” and says account would get banned. Not to mention refunds if AON project target not met would be a horror. But my coder says thats how your theme works.

    Can you clarify:

    In general how project creators and funders link their accounts to site if at all?

    Where the money is stored after donated? Is is stored in an account or not charged till later like project end?

    Does the theme really use Stripe Connect Express or Custom? If so which one?

    Does admin hold money or is the money automatically split between project creator and admin at project end for AON or at a manually set time for KIA? Or does it not work with KIA?

    Please help. Ive been trying to get this to work for 6 months with no luck and im about to give up.
    Thank you

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