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    February 6, 2017 at 2:49 pm #95113


    I was very eager to use GameAddict theme as it looks very good and it would serve my website very well. However after a couple of days playing with it I’ve noticed so many bugs and errors that it’s really hard to believe how expensive it is.
    I’m very sorry to say that I paid the price of a premium theme and received only half of a product…half working at least.

    First of all, the demo displayed on your site is very misleading. Very, very, very misleading. My biggest concern was with the Header Image. On the demo you can see a very nice and big header with a content menu in the middle of it. However when uploading a custom header on my website the image was cropped to 250px height. So I had to use custom-css to lower down the content to make the header bigger. I think that’s exactly what you did on your demo site, as there is no way to customize the size of the header in the “Theme Options”.

    That’s just the beginning as there is much, much more…

    ** Issues with Owl Carousel
    Can someone explain to me why would you HARDCODE an element that suppose to be dynamic? I like Owl Carousel and the way how it looks on the website, but what took my attention was the demo content description (Nam libero tempora…) that was in all my posts as well. Well, I thought that maybe the demo version was setup like this, so I removed the demo carousel and created my own. How suprised I was to discover that even the new carousel still had “Nam libero tempora…” in the description. Wtf? I couldnt find an option anywhere in the Owl Carousel options, so I had a quick glance at the css and that’s what I’ve found:
    $html .= ‘<p class=”carousel-text”>Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quode minus id quod maxime placeat facere.</p>’;
    $html .= ‘<p class=”post-meta”><i class=”fa fa-clock-o”></i><span>2 days ago</span><i class=”fa fa-commenting-o”></i> <span>5 comments</span>‘;
    HARDCODED?! Can someone please explain to me why this section was set as HARDCODED and who on Earth has released the theme in a state like this?

    ** Hardcoded post time display on home page?
    I’ve noticed straight away that release date for all my posts was set to 2 Days. For every single one of them. As before, I couldn’t find an option anywhere in wordpress to change that, so I’ve started digging in css. This is what I’ve found:
    <div class=”blog-info”>
    <div class=”post-pinfo”>
    <span><i class=”fa fa-clock-o”></i>2 days</span> <!– CONNECT DATE HERE –>
    <i class=”fa fa-user”></i> <?php echo get_the_author(); ?>” data-toggle=”tooltip” href=”<?php echo get_author_posts_url( get_the_author_meta( ‘ID’ ) ); ?>”><?php echo get_the_author(); ?>  
    <div class=”clear”></div>
    You’ve hardcoded a time?! TIME?! You were clearly aware of that as there is a comment “CONNECT DATE HERE”, so it looks like someone has forgotten to finish up the code. The issue is in a 3rd line, where instead of “2 days” should be a line with a PHP code like this one: <?php $pfx_date = get_the_date( $format, $post_id ); ?><?php echo get_the_date(); ?>. After implementing the changes the time started to display properly.

    ** Post Category
    This has been hardcoded as well. Instead of displaying the category the post was set to the homepage would always display “CATEGORY”. Again, couldnt find an option anywhere in WordPress, so I went co CSS and guess what I’ve found… I can’t find this line, so I’m not gonna paste it now, but as I remember this section was hardcoded as well.

    ** Header Image for other sites
    “Customization” in “Theme Options” in WordPress allows you to submit you own header. That option is global, so the header you supply will be display on all the pages across your entire website. Fair enough, but I’ve also noticed that there is an option to submit a custom header for a single site. You can set that in WordPress site creation page. However this doesnt work. Even after you set a custom header image for that site it will still display a Main Header that was submitted in “Theme Options”. This is due to global options set for the main header, however as soon as I submit a custom header for a single site that should overwrite the global rules for that one site. It’s not the case tho… Again I had to play with css to get it done.

    ** ClanWars plugin
    I’m not gonna lie that this was one the main features and the reason why I’ve decided to buy GameAddict theme. My website is about esports and I would like to provide information about matches, cups, scores, so the ClanWars plugin seemed ideal for my case. Yet again, as I’ve started to play with it I’ve also started to notice many bugs and bad design problems.

    That’s the list of my concerns with that plugin:
    – Score: There should be a different scoring for different games. The score display for a CS:GO game is wrong. In BO3 (Best of 3) match the score should be displayed as 2-0, 2-1, etc, and then every map has its own score (i.e. 16-12). In your plugin the score stacks up based on the number of rounds played/won and the final score is being displayed as 32-16.
    When submitting a score you should be able to provide a Final Score (2-0,2-1,etc) and a score for each map separately.

    -Match overview on the website: Currently when you navigate to “Matches” section you can only see the Team Logos and that’s it. That’s very bad. There should also be an option to display the name of the League/Event, etc.

    -Time Display: The time of all matches are set to “Upcoming”. That’s so stupid! On the website it should be clearly visible when the every match is gonna be played without going to each match page.

    -Matches display order: I don’t think someone thought this through very well. Why the matches are being displayed from the latest to the newest? Shouldn’t be the opposite? Shouldn’t the user see the next upcoming match? Unofrtunately there is no way to change the settings, so this is clearly a matter of bad design.

    I was trying to contact the creator of the plugin directly, but it seems he doesnt care about it anymore. His last reply on was more than a year ago. I’ve send him an email, but he doesnt not reply.

    However, as this plugin was supplied with your theme and it’s a very important part of your theme, then you should be able to help me.
    There were other things as well that I had to fix myself, but this post is long enough and I dont want to waste more time on it. I’ve listed my biggest concerns.
    My main conclusion is that YOU HAVE RELEASED A HALF FINISHED THEME! I’m sorry to say that, but that’s true. I know that during the development process you hardcode some stuff to create a basic structure of the code, but then you remove all the hardcoded bits and swap it with a working code.

    I’ve managed to fix most of those issues by myself. However I still need your help with the ClanWars plugin.

    Awaiting your reply
    Best Regards

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