Seeking input/feedback on the 'rating system'

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    December 9, 2016 at 4:03 pm #91031


    My understanding is that the rating system per se is coded into the theme as a type of page template. Is this correct or is it posts, can’t recall right now. What I’ve observed (I think) is that by selecting the particular/relevant page template and then using it as the place to house any type(s)/category etc of posts you choose, the end result is a page displaying all said posts, each embedded inside the rating for said post.

    Am I close? In terms of code, are the ratings defined as a container?

    The reason I’m asking is because I had an idea I’d like to peruse but will need some helpful commentary as to feasibility and such…

    I wish to employ a YouTube plugin that will display/play as the ‘main video’ on the top of screen, and below this would be, say, a gallery of selectable videos in a masonry style grid format.

    We had this on our old site.

    My question is, would it be possible to do the same thing here, but also incorporate the ‘rating’ system from Arcane for the videos in the above example-gallery… So in other words, there’d be the ratings showing for each video, both the top/playing one and also inside the same containers for each of the other videos below/in grid format… hope that makes sense.

    Any thoughts? Would this take significant coding to make happen? Or is this super easy to do and I’m overthinking things?

    As always, thx!


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