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    August 9, 2017 at 6:12 pm #102753

    1) Possible to allow us to select a specific format for the finals, so i can have a best of 1 bracket and a best of 3 final. You got it?

    2) Possible to allow the admin to have more control on the tournament, add manually a team for exemple (choose in the team list, or use a search filter).

    3) You did good with your match widget, i asked for the “upcoming/played” features, but you should do it also for the tournaments, i guess that’s not a lot of work as you did it for the matches. I could be able to show in a widget the upcoming tournaments, and in other widget the finished for exemple.

    4) Is there any way to delete the top of a matche widget, in some files ?
    I only use one game for my website, when i use a tournament or match widget, i dont need to have the “All/Game1/Game2” head nav, it’s useless for me and take space.

    Thanks Zorz.

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