Any ETA on fixing ladder bug

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    March 25, 2020 at 12:10 am #125136

    Hello SW team

    There are many little bugs but this one is really nasty and already reported it many times here and to Zorz when he was still in charge.

    I explain again:

    In ladder, when a user leaves a ladder after playing matches, all his matches get erased from match logs and player stats , it means that all other players in ladder lose all stats and logs of the matches that they played against the guy who left. This is very annoying because when someone decides to leave the ladder, others get affected by this.

    When are you guys planning on fixing this, it has been an ever lasting nasty bug in the tournament types plugin (I tested it in ladder only as it is the only format i use on my website).

    The workaround that I am using meanwhile is putting people who left back into the ladder and adding a “left” tag to their usernames so that other still active players do not challenge them. This is not ideal as I end up with many players who are populating the ladder but are completely inactive, not to mention that they do not like to see themselves on the ladder after they had left it. I explained to them that it’s only a matter of time before this bug gets fixed and then I will remove them for good.

    Please advise, this bug needs to be fixed.


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