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    December 1, 2016 at 8:42 pm #90562

    Shall I be relying solely on WP/bbP/BP Codex docs, or is there any theme specific documentation available, or, soon to be published etc.? Some examples:

    – What defines role ‘Gamer’? Does this have a unique set of capabilities?, and are they specific to WP or does ‘Gamer’ also reflect Forum capabilities?
    – Location of relevant file(s) to view and/or modify the role/capabilities of a ‘Gamer’
    – Does ‘Gamer’ role override any capabilities of a forum ‘Participant’?

    I’m asking these things for education/info but importantly also because I ran into a snag…

    My understanding is that by default, a Participant may create and edit etc his or her own content, forum posts, etc., and I haven’t tried yet to look for where the Gamer is defined. Nor do I really know much about BP, but I had thought there may be a parallel to bbP (e.g., in terms of capabilities etc.)… But I’ve been contacted by my 4 testers, who noted to me that they are all able to go onto one another’s BP profile page and edit, upload files, change the styling, and post content… so, I’m seeking info/advice on what happened lol and how to restrict these capabilities to only a given user’s profile page, team page, and so forth.

    Has anyone else happened to come across this?


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