Seeking documentation on 'matches/ challenges' creation

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    December 4, 2016 at 4:13 pm #90726


    OK so, one of our intended goals is to have the ability for teams to challenge others using the following variables
    – Game (e.g., CoD, Overwatch, etc.)
    – Game mode(s) (e.g., HardPoint, Search & Destroy, etc.)
    – #Rounds (‘we challenge you to a best of 3’)…

    So – what we ended up doing is the following
    – For Games, that’s self-explanatory
    – To accommodate the ‘game modes’ functionality, from the admin dashboard and then going to TeamWars -> Games -> Map… we ended up treating this part as combined ‘map and game mode’ section, so in other words, let’s say for CoD IW there’s a map called ‘Frost’… so we created multiple Frost maps but just changed the titles accordingly, i.e., “Hardpoint – Frost”, “SnD – Frost” “Domination – Frost”, etc. etc. for each and every map in each and every game title we currently plan to be involved with. (Yes, it took some time and was definitely some busy work :p).

    [I know that below may come off sounding like I am lazy here, but honestly it would be a huge help; there’s so much of this constant little hiccup-type stuff that I can’t ever seem to focus on finishing up our site lol… anyways I digress and sorry for the rant… back to the subject here…]

    Questions I have at this point include:
    1. Can anyone point me in the right direction (to save me some time having to search around in a browser dev mode etc.) as to where I can rename the Title of “MAPS” to “MAPS & MODES”, accordingly? Is it as simple as just going into VC and finding a Maps element, and renaming the title? Haven’t looked yet I admit.
    2. Is there any documentation that further/better explains how to set up the # rounds feature I mentioned up above? I can try to describe what issues we are experiencing if it’s helpful.

    Thanks! -Q

    PS in fact, are there any plans to include updated/revised instructional documentation in any forthcoming theme updates? That index.html file, I dare say, is often only skimming on the surface with regard to some topics, and/or lacking important info on other topics, IMHO and therefore may be due for an update, anyone agree?

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