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    September 11, 2014 at 1:34 pm #48807

    Hi can you tell me which file to alter 2 things PLEASE.

    I want to allow the post to facebook to happen exactly when the user supports the campaign and NOT when the campaign expires since I am having such trouble getting this approved for publish_action. Can you tell me which file needs to be changes please? submitcampaign.js ***Days left callers*** or ***Campaign days left calculator**? (This will help to get the application approved on FB for post_action)

    Secondly, I want to restrict non-premium users and only allow them to post lets say 5 campaigns. Is the a file where this can easily be set? I didn’t recognize anything in the submitcampaign.js maybe ***submit campaign counters***?

    If either of these requires actual coding more than a few minutes to tell me where to find and how to change, how much would you charge to do it?

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