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    September 5, 2014 at 1:45 am #48348


    I tried to submit the app to facebook but it was refused, do you guys have the wording for both publish_actions and read_stream permissions that you used to get your app approved?

    I figure you must have it since you created this and it links to FB. Can you please provide the following requested below by facebook in order to publish_actions and to read_stream so that I can use this theme. Without this information I cannot publish the app and therefore the functionality of campaigns and of course this theme is pretty much useless if it is not connected to facebook.

    For each publish_actions and read_stream they are looking for

    1. A clear explanation of why your app requests this permission and how it is used to enhance a persons experience.

    2. Detailed step-by-step instructions that will allow our review team to reproduce the use of this permission.

    Thanks for your help and please don’t say it’s up to facebook to approve based on what I tell them…this is clear but I do not know what to tell them because I did not create the functionality that links to facebook. If ANYONE else has had theirs approved I would appreciate your help.


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