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    July 26, 2014 at 3:52 pm #45978

    Hi I found a post that might help with this issue. Maybe Skywarrior can help us here?
    “I was able to solve this. For anyone who might run into this problem, the fix was based on a response to the question Hybrid auth with Yii causing a redirect loop, specifically the following point:

    Your base_url in configuration file “hybridauth.php” should be set to “/hauth/endpoint” i.e. it must point to the endpoint. If you have removed index.php through .htaccess then use “/index.php/hauth/endpoint”.

    I needed to adjust my base url from:

    “base_url” => “”


    “base_url” => “”

    My guess is that the first url would work in most instances because index.php is usually the default directory page. Whereas I’ve configured Apache to use home.php on my server.”

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