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    January 9, 2022 at 1:52 pm #129323

    Hello everyone ! After my review on the subject, I go to questions ! ^^ Just a word before : As I said on ThemeForest, a big congratulations to you for what you offer, keep it up 😉

    • 1. In the patchnote of 02/27/21, you specify that you have added a Back to Top. Where can I activate this option ?
    • 2. Is it normal that from the dashboard -> Team Wars, I can add Teams and Matches but not Tournaments or Games ? The “Add” button does not exist…
      However, I have correctly configured 3 games in the theme options (Games modes) but nothing is displayed afterwards in Team Wars -> Games. Not even the games in your Demo that are not showing… I saw at least three other topics that had the same problem but you do not publish the solution…
    • 3. Is it possible to modify the Background header of each game (displayed in tournaments) ? If so, where ? Guess it’s in Team Wars -> Games that I don’t have access to ?
    • 4. Is the user menu (profile) editable only through files ? If so, is it only the “Header” file that is used ?
    • 5.Where can I modify the emails I receive ? Whether it is the text as the personalization ? What is amazing is that you are using Buddypress to run this theme but you are not using the Mails offered by this extension…

    Questions in anticipation (after reading your documentation) :

    • 6. If we want your “Premium Tournaments” extension to have a weekly ladder (so many matches per week instead of 24 hours), can we change it ?
    • 7. If you want in your “Pay to Join” extension to use something other than Woocommerce, is this possible or is it the only way provided by this extension ?
    • 8. After testing some things on your site, I noticed that the “submit scores” option is slow to appear on some tournament modes. Whereas I would like her to appear as soon as a match starts. Can we change the appearance time in files ? If so, which one is used ?

    Thanks a lot for yours answers and @ soon !

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