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    October 5, 2020 at 2:44 pm #127073

    I have an adapted version of Arcane (By Skywarrior) and the following problems/bugs:

    1: Tournament creation is: “Allow all users to create tournaments” off, now I can normally grant this right to every single user via the user management.
    I can check the checkbox for this, but the user still can’t create tournaments.

    2. the logo in the header area refers to the start page, I have a two language website (DE/EN) with WPML and would like to link to the start page of the language.
    How can I do this? (Both currently link to the DE homepage which is the default language)
    If this is not possible, can the link be deactivated?

    3. when creating a team I cannot use umlauts like äöü in the team name, in all other places it is possible without problems, even in the tournament creation umlauts can be used. Is the problem known? Is there a solution or can it be solved?

    4. in case of an existing team, if I want to edit this in the settings, it will be opened in a new window, can I set it to open in the same window?

    After adjusting the theme I was contacted again and I gave you feedback, unfortunately this has not been answered until today.
    On Discord nobody knew about a solution and admins did not react.
    I will try to contact you this way now.


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