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    August 22, 2014 at 7:44 pm #47608

    Hey Guys,
    I have some questions about this theme.
    1. “You will allow BuzzChatr to share this message on your behalf once, if the goal is reached. If the goal is not reached, the message will not be shared.” What does this mean and how is it mean to function? This is confusing…so if the person puts in that they want to reach 20 people but only ever get 19 supporters then upon completion of the campaign does this mean that the campaign will not shared on twitter/FB? BUT on the other hand if campaign gets 20 supports then the campaign will be automatically shared on twitter/facebook by each of the 20 supporters?
    So if someone is paying for this service to possibly get their message sent out by 20 supports and their campaign does not achieved 20 supporters and therefore no messages are sent don’t you think the people paying for the service will be really happy or really pissed off? I don’t understand why there is a limit here, please explain how it is meant to function maybe I am missing something and please tell me which files I need to modify to change this. I did see the becksiame post but it was not helpful since you seem to indicate that you will be closing “leave the supporters blank” loophole.

    2. I see some somehow Војкан Вукојевић has replace the Author TOURDIGGER in some of the test campaigns I have listed, do you know that this is? I see no way to change it in the “campaigns” section of the admin.

    3. Is there any way for campaign owners to edit their campaigns once the they have been created other than updates?

    4. How do I change the text in the site, I tried to edit to .po file with no success?

    5. I would like to modify the subscriptions. The way you have it right now there are non-premium and premium users. We want to have 3 classes with slightly different user rights. For example I would like to offer 5 campaigns for free, 10 campaigns for $ XX.xx and unlimited campaigns for $ XX.xx. or 100 supports for Free, Up to 250 for $XX.xx and >250 for $XX.xx for example. Can you please tell me which files control the setup/rights as shown in the theme options Premium Users.

    6. when I try to upload campaign image as test user it will not upload, then when I do this as admin by changing the feature image in campaign it allows it?


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