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    October 27, 2018 at 2:02 am #115544

    I haven’t been able to narrow down whether or not this is a WordPress issue or a theme issue yet. I have limited resources to test on fresh themes at the moment, so I was hoping to see if there was any help here.

    I’m trying to get web pages to show embedded previews in Discord. Currently, this is fairly simple and they follow Open Graph meta tags.

    Source: https://github.com/discordapp/discord-api-docs/issues/521

    However, every meta tag checker I use reads the meta tags correctly, but they still don’t show up in Discord. Out of the WordPress themes I have access to this is only a problem in one other, so its very possible the issue lies elsewhere. I have zero issues on non-Wordpress-based sites. I just don’t have the resources for further testing. =[

    I’m hoping that its possible to test this with a fresh Blackfyre install to see if:
    – embedded data gets pulled initially (WordPress seems to have oembed data API but even that isn’t working on this theme)
    – embedded data gets pulled from Open Graph meta tags initially
    – what my setup does differently to completely break Discord’s meta tag crawling =[

    Thanks for any support.

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