'What is the use of a book', thought Alice, 'without pictures or conversations?' -Lewis Caroll

The Story of IRL

Once upon a time long, long ago two kids met in middle school math class.  They were strangers then and had no idea how the conversation started that day would lead to a lifetime together.  Randy and Rachel Fox have since spent the last 27 years fine-tuning their communication skills in their marriage, with their kids, and in their professional life.  From handwritten letters and phone calls to emails and texting the way we communicate has changed.  Something Randy and Rachel have held firm to is that we must feel comfortable and confident when speaking with others In Real Life.  Their hope is that IRL becomes a movement where we do not have to give up the conveniences of modern day technology, but we learn to incorporate the real life conversations in to make world changing connections just like their first conversation did for them.

"That's what you want art to do, to open people up and start conversations." --Adepero Oduye