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    January 6, 2019 at 10:10 am #117315

    Hello guys,

    as we announced before, ranking will be included as standard theme feature. Since we cannot fully agree on the model which should be implemented, we decided to ask you for help about points.

    We have decided that ranking will be only for tournament matches. Single matches will be excluded to avoid possible rigging and ranking manipulation.

    That being said, we are not sure how should ranking points be awarded. In our opinion tournaments with 32 users and 256 users shouldn’t give the same points.

    So should there be point awards for each match played (like 3 for win 1 for defeat), or to calculate only top 16 for example and give them fixed amount of points?

    Other than that, should there be multiplier milestones for different tournament size (32,64,128,256…)? So tournament with 32 participants would have 1x multiplier, 64 would have 1.2 etc.

    Should ladder tournament be configured differently? If you have knockout tournament and ladder tournament with 8 players each, knockout tournament will have 7 matches in total, while ladder can have as many as allowed per theme options settings. You would have like 100 matches in ladder which would be advantage.

    And what would you like to have ranked? Should there be a global ranking (all games), or ranking per game, ranking per game per tournament type?

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