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    February 16, 2014 at 1:23 pm #30092


    I am back.  Unless I am the dumbest guy on the block, I simply can NOT get your theme to work.
    I run the latest WP version with no plugins, except Layerslider, and only the Fundingpress theme.
    I create a project and save it 
    No matter what  i do it will not show up on the front page (that stays blank no matter what i do)
    I use pagebuilder to make a new template.  (that only accepts ‘Projects’ as an option and absolutely nothing else.  Any text field I enter is being saved but does not show up anywhere on the site).
    I add the template id to the Projects Page which now becomes a button on my site.
    I click on that button and I get the test project I entered but when I click on the test project to try out funding I get a 404 (not found) error, yet in my WP admin section the project is clearly visible.
    I click on the category that the test  project  is in and all is get is a rotating wheel but never a project  is being listed.
    It seems the more I try to configure this theme the worst it’s getting.  I had hoped to have it up and running come Tuesday
    because of the long holiday weekend.  I gather that’s not going to happen considering support here is slow at best.
    Please …. advise what needs to be done to get this working or give me documentation how to do this.  Please!!!!!!!

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