7 Oblivion Errors (edit) [post on themeforrest?]

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    September 13, 2013 at 11:23 am #30253
    Is this the correct place to report errors? Happy to post on the theme page as well.
    This is our teams top questions and requests. I’ve imported the xml as reference. We’ve encountered a few issues but have worked past all but: 

    1. Where/how do we set the index page? It auto loads the blog(?), and users will want to change what people are greeted with. (high priority)
    2. Do you update version numbers? I tried to install the recent update, but it still says 1.0 (we can update without login data if it’s in separate folders?) (high priority)
    3. How do we turn off the review info on the posts/blog? (high priority)
    4. Please see this image: http://imgur.com/VKXITpX,dM926Ra#1 for the two errors marked on the page. How do we fix? (high priority)
    5. Users of the theme can’t change the text color or background? Would be nice to be able to easily change the standard: Text color, Rollover Color, Header Color, div background color (and turn it off/transparent). (medium priority) 
    6. If there is no link for the profile on the about page, turn off that icon (aka no facebook link = no facebook icon). 
    7. Why does the text in the highlight box fade to black/color if it’s not a button? How can we turn this off and make it standard text? 
    (low priority)

    – In Page builder, the ‘Highlight’ function is broken, it shows one pixel to the left of where it should be seen, as seen in this image: http://imgur.com/eXpme7h Or currently on this page: http://hyperfleet.com/home/ (medium priority)

    Thank you for your time addressing these issues, I understand the theme is new. Please let me know what I can do, or directly email me at dylankjones@gmail.com

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