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    March 17, 2016 at 7:50 pm #78758

    This is not a support topic, I’d just like to share my current expirience.

    As I’ve launched my site I’ve reworked page-user-registration.php file in order to remove the initial captcha (because the image somehow never appeared) and to replace it through Google ReCaptcha. I’ve succeeded, but afterwards faced a problem that within 2 days I had over 100 new user registrations which seemed to be weird. At the end it came out that only 30 of them were real users, rest were spammers already listed on many anti-spam websites. In general (and somehow) they were able to bypass captcha and never activated their account. I’ve deleted these spammers but within next days more of them came up and started trashing my database, so I’ve started the search for some additional plugins. In general it was not a big problem for my visitors because noone seen them, but take a look at this (my website is running a week long now):

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    Isn’t it sweet? 🙂 248 spammers were denied during registration while checked them against website. Additionally I’ve got a secondary anti-spam plugin running and everything’s fine now. So whoever’s suffering from spam attacks, check these 2 plugins:

    Stop Spammers Spam Prevention


    I hope people find it useful 😉

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