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    November 10, 2016 at 3:26 pm #89072

    I seem to have grossly underestimated the technical aspects involved in transitioning my almost-completed existing site over to this one. lol. Any help would be most appreciated! I’m kinda stressed lol… we’re mostly CoD and as you may know this year’s titles are already out, but we have no website up and running now 🙁

    Question: Can anyone advise to me a fair and reasonable best path forward? For example, should I just keep working with the old theme since that site/content was almost done, and just deal with the problems I had with it? Should I wipe everything out and start from scratch but using your theme? Should I mess with your theme on a local server install, so I can get the one click demo stuff into it and try to figure this all out?

    I fear I was one of those ‘I didn’t realize’ beginners who thought that it was going to be as simple as ‘load up the themes landing page template, and just swap out the demo text/icons/etc.’


    more in-depth notes:
    For this particular post, let’s just focus on my inability to get a landing page up and running.
    *The “Landing Page” I saw as part of your online demo looked amazing, and is ‘structurally’ almost identical to my current home page (that was created with Sydney, armed with some step-by-step video and text tutorials), and thus was convinced this would be an easy peasy, no more than 5 minute task, just swapping out old theme to new.
    **I have quickly realized that this is not going to be so easy. Nothing converted, and I’ve exhausted my personal know-how/understanding.

    Other/Example Differences pertaining to my old landing/home page:
    – Within the old theme was the ability to have multiple menu layers (I am using 3), it’s own image slider, and integration with a different page builder
    – Your theme however does not seem to ‘like’ this page builder, and/but I’ve been unable to figure out how to move everything into the Visual Composer equivalent rows, widgets, etc.
    – I also cannot find where my header slider goes when switching to your theme (I had 5 slides, each with its own title/sub-title, and clickable link buttons).
    – In addition, my menu is nowhere to be found. (I also am like whoa, I just paid $80 and now have to spend another $20 (?!?!) in order to use my third menu layer?).
    – Then there’s all the call to action’s, containers with images, etc. etc. that also are not showing. Thus… a total fail in converting from old to new theme. lol

    In conclusion – I just am asking for some thoughts on ‘how do you experienced ones typically go from old theme to a new theme’, I wasn’t trying to be too too snarky and if anything, wanted to be sincere and hopeful. (Though I am a bit frustrated I admit about the fine print I didn’t catch beforehand, e.g., 4 plugins I’ve noted thus far that are recommended to use per your instructions document, 3 of them I believe are to be purchased separately).

    I bet your theme is totally super awesome for those who do this for a living, I’m just wondering whether I misunderstood/ bit off too much for me to chew as they say.



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