bbPress help – Avatars are larger then what they should be – Only happens on this theme.

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    December 22, 2013 at 3:15 pm #30591

    Hello Skywarrior Themes.

    I’ve been messing around with creating forums via bbPress (Also using BuddyPress), and I’ve run into a few issues, that i hope you can help me out with asap. Mainly, it’s the avatars thats oversized compared to what they should be, and i believe the issue is some CSS with the theme(or atleast something u can add in).

    I’ve taken a little screenshot showing the issue, – Arrows 1 and 2 showcase what i mean. These avatars are suppose to be 20×20 pixels in size.

    I saw somewhere that someone said its a CSS thing, and they typed this css in (im not sure if this applies for this theme though, so didnt mess around with it)

    1: Above each “Category” i make (I hacked it a bit to get proper sections) theres a “This category contains 1 topic, and was last updated by user….”. On the screenshot that is marked with 3. Can I somehow remove all that somehow?

    2: If you look at the page, – you can see the general forum structure im wanting. Basically a Header for each section, so you properly see the categories instead of them being actual links as normal. Is it possible to somehow create that, without it looking weirder then this? XD

    If you guys know what to do easely, i can send you a PM with FTP/WP info or what ever you might need, if you would be so kind to help me out 🙂

    All in all an amazing theme though, really loving it so far!

    Kind regards, René

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