Big update problem…

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    August 19, 2020 at 9:27 pm #126450

    Sorry for writing here, but Wordfence doesn’t allow me creating new topics in the Blackfyre section :] I’m in the process of explaining this with the ISP, but at the same time I have to think about fixing the site.

    So… I tried to update the theme for the first time in my life, but…

    1. I get error when trying to do it via FTP.
    2. I have tried Core FTP but when I activate Blackfyre or child theme I get an error: ParseError thrown
    syntax error, unexpected ‘;’. I checked my functions.php in child theme – it looks okay. After changing the name to functions.php.bak it works, but the attempt to activate Blackfyre 2.5.5 ends in error anyway.
    3. When I try to do it via WordPress (removing blackfyre and add a new package), I get a 403 error…
    4. Now I am trying to go back to 2.5.4 and… I also get an error: ParseError thrown
    syntax error, unexpected ‘;’

    I struggled with it for quite a long time, finally managed to go back to an older version.

    Now, after updating WP, I have exactly the same problems as everyone else, i.e. not working menu, logging in, etc. My guess is that before the current issues can be fixed, I need to deal with this update somehow.

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