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    May 15, 2014 at 1:56 am #31369

    Hello there,
    i found a bug in the “clan war” widget.
    I put in
    widget options to show only last 6 clan wars, this works only if I
    select a game tab (wich display correctly last 6 clan wars). If i press
    use the tab “ALL” it returns me last 6 clan wars, for EACH game.

    You can see an example here:

    the sidebar, if you press on SC2 or M&B tab, you see last 6 clan
    wars, but if u press ALL you see last 12 clan wars (6 for each game).
    I think you should make ALL category show last 6 taken from most recent games from every kind of game.

    could you provide me some help with a bit css info? In the link i
    posted above, if you click on M&B the opponent clan name go in to
    another row, while i would like it to adapt the box. Any way to decrease
    font size in that widget?
    Or any way to show in that widget, the opponent clan logo instead of its name?

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