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    June 25, 2021 at 3:25 pm #128645

    I was finally able to get a test stripe payment to apply to a project by using the rewards system (other method still wont work), but when I went to collect funding from the front end, the confirm button did not trigger anything. I looked at funding.js and discovered that the function targeting #collect-funding was also targeting #project-funders .project-backer however in single-project.php the .project-backer class name and data attributes were missing from the code. I added it to the line with the class name ‘backer’ in single-project.php and the confirm button will now trigger an admin-ajax call, but I am getting a 403 status.

    In addition, the funder name does not seem to be storing with the funding details (am getting the email though).

    I have found many issues with this theme and would really like someone to help me work through these otherwise my site is a brick and I will have to either try to repair this myself or scrap the whole thing and start with a new theme. I have also posted to the discord, and not gotten a response.

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