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    March 1, 2013 at 1:16 am #29882


    I bought the Theme yesterday and starting working with it, though I some questions and would like to make some changes to it. I know that you won’t be able to provide detailed answers on maybe how to do these things, but it would be great to get some first answers if those things would be possible at all. I also know that these are lot of questions, but I would really love to get some feedback on them.


    1. Tab Slider – Is there any way that the images in the tab slider will be switched automatically after x seconds, istead of having to manually click through them?
    2. Parallax Slider – Any way to change the amount of seconds it takes until the Slider will switch to the next image?
    3. Parallax Slider – Is there any image size recommendations? I really have difficulties when I add picture and they just tend to look pretty ugly if they are not heaviliy modified before they are getting used in this slider type. Also the text mostly overlaps into the pictures.
    4. Parallax Slider – Is there any way to change the slider, so it would display the picture in the whole bos of the slider and maybe adjust the text into a box, so it would still be visible in a good way? (please have a look at my old page, to see what I would be getting at with this
    5. Parallax Slider – Is it possible to add more than 3 entries to the Slider?
    6. Could there be any way to set/use separate images for the slider picture of a news and the image used for the small preview and the main image if you click on a news?
    7. Any chance to set a video into a slider? Some sliders seem to have this ability.
    8. Any option/modification possible, so that a Slider would have different sets of images loaded into it? Explanation: I would like to have different entries in the slider if I choose the category Playstation 3 or Playstation Vita. So if a user clicks onto the a special section he/she should get to a page with a different slider which only includes items of this category instead of exactly the same images listed on the main page (for example like it is handled at IGN). This would be really an important part for the page, but I’m really not sure if this is possible at all.

    Top News Area/Main news area

    1. Is there a way to include maybe YouTube videos there instead of news?
    2. Where would be the area in the files to remove the title of the page? I would just like to have Top News and below News or so listed rather than having the name of the page listed each time and then Top news behind it.

    Other Questions:

    1. Is there any specific size to keep and place if I want to replace the social media icons used in this theme with the original icons from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.?
    2. Would it be possible to remove the seach bar which is part of the theme or get an option for it build into the theme manager for that? I’m not sure if I want to have such an option at all on my page.
    3. Marketing/Advertisement – There is an option in the theme manager, is there any specific size recommended for this area? Let’s say I would ask for Banners and would like to include those in this area. Is more than one image possible or if just one what size should be used for a good fit?
    4. Marketing/Advertisement – Do you know any sort of widget which would be a good fit to include let’s say certain partner pages as small banners/images in the sidebar?
    5. Gallery – Is there any chance that there will be an update to upload more than one image at once? Or maybe even make use of a different gallery add-on like Next-Gen Gallery?
    6. Text lenghts – Is it possible the change the max. amount of characters which will be displayed for a news/content headline? I would really love to have lots of additional characters displayed on the website. Can this be manually adjusted through the .php files? (Using linebreaks) That would be really needed/helpful for my page.

    I know these are a bunch of questions, but I do indeed have a lot of questions based on the theme. So far I really do like your work a lot 😉 If this would be the wrong place for all those questions, I would also be happy to get a direct contact through email with us, maybe some stuff would also be possible to be done from your side against some extra money.


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