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    January 21, 2014 at 3:50 pm #30663

    I wanted to start doing some customization and instead of just making adjustments to the PHP files and adding

    .class {

    whatever: !important;

    to everything I wanted to do it properly via a child theme so if you ever come out with updates I will be able to scale and apply it without losing all my changes.  However all the walk throughs online were geared towards people doing their styling inside of a traditional style.css file but by the looks of it you have yours inside of a css folder and have included multiple css files from bootstrap etc…. 

    I tried following this walk through here:

    and added these where appropriate:
    @import url(“../funding_press/css/bootstrap.css”);
    @import url(“../funding_press/css/bootstrap.min.css”);
    @import url(“../funding_press/css/main.css”);
    @import url(“../funding_press/css/bootstrap-responsive.css”);
    @import url(“../funding_press/css/bootstrap-responsive.min.css”);
    @import url(“../funding_press/css/admin.css”);
    @import url(“../funding_press/css/buttons.css”);
    @import url(“../funding_press/css/bootstrap-colorpicker.css”);
    @import url(“../funding_press/css/custom-style.css”);

    but still it doesn’t seem to work.  Any ideas?  Thank you, I appreciate your time and help. 

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