Few questions about oblivion.

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    March 2, 2014 at 10:23 am #30916

    Yesterday I bought oblivion, it’s a really beautiful theme but anyway, I can’t seem to get most of the things to work.. So I was wondering, is there an actual guide out there about this theme or something to make it more understandable for me? 
    Excuse me for being such a newbie at this, but I recently started doing this, so yeah everything is completely new for me.

    Also another question.. Is there any way I can change the forum Categories, the ones that you can’t actually click on?
    & Last question, any way of activating the log-in button, or do I have to figure out/code it myself?

    Sorry for the stupid questions, thought I’d seek wise words on this forum so I can understand this whole thing!
    Thanks in advance..

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