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    February 10, 2014 at 11:55 am #30795

    I have multiple categories for article type, platform type, and platform brand.

    I.E, If I have a news post about Playstation, I’d categorise it as “News”, “PS3” and “Console”

    With the menu on the front page, I want people to be able to use the drop-down to filter what they see. So if they want to see all news, they can just click “News”. If they want to see just Playstation news, they can hover over “News” then select “Playstation” from the drop-down, and the content will filter to only show Playstation News. Or if they want to see all Console news, they can click that and it would filter out any news about PC or mobile games.

    Unfortunately, at the moment the theme seems to look at posts and determine what it shows by an “OR” argument. I.e, “show posts categorised as “Playstation” OR “News”,” which then leads to news posts which aren’t about Playstation being pulled through, and every single article categorised as playstation being pulled through, whether it’s news or not.

    I want it to filter only posts that meet both criteria – so it only shows posts that are marked as Playstation AND News.

    Is there a way to do this, without adding a whole ton of different pages and different sub-categories and then adding a load of “exclude” arguments to news blocks on each page? It’s been driving me nuts.

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