Hello! Just a couple of questions that I would like to ask.

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    May 10, 2013 at 3:19 pm #30031

    Hi Skywarrior, 

    Thanks for creating such a great theme. It’s just what I needed! However, I would like to ask you some questions: 
    1. [under Project Categories] There’s a category labelled ‘blog’ that cannot be deleted; and when I delete it, more of it will be created (like a hydra snake.. scary!), there was already a thread for this and the only solution seems to be not doing anything to it (I had to reinstall the whole thing because it’s popping up on my ‘staff picks’ categories). I’m sure you’ll find the solution to this bug soon, it’s not urgent as long as no one touches it. 

    2. [localized currency] Is it possible to include the currency ‘Malaysian Ringgit’ (MYR) in order for me to localize the site. (this is rather important for me) 

    3. [user image] Is it possible for members to upload their own pictures instead of relying on Gravatar? 

    4. [Facebook login] Are you planning to implement FB or Twitter login? I saw a couple of plugins for it but I wonder if it works with your theme. 

    5. [regarding new member registration] As of right now, the registration flow would be: 
    a. click on register, key-in name and email
    b. gets password in email 
    c. login via /wp-login 
    d. after login, redirect to /wp-admin page with an error message ‘You dont have the right permissions to access this page!’ *note that this does not happen when I register in your theme preview page, it redirects me to the home page instead. 
    My questions: 
    Regarding step a: Is it possible to customize so that they will have to key-in more information other than the name and email during registration?
    Regarding step c: Is it possible to redirect them to a front-end page (such as their profile page) instead of a back-end? 
    Regarding step d: I think it’s possible to redirect them to the main page (as shown in your theme preview), but somehow it’s not doing it, I wonder if it’s a bug? 
    For convenience, this is how I visualize the flow would be: 
    a. Click on register and key-in name, email, age and occupation
    b. Receive password from email 
    c. email redirects to main page with login panel
    d. after login, redirects to change password page for members to update to their own password

    Thanks for taking your time to read through my long post. Sorry if these are actually additional features instead of what you’ve planned. I appreciate it if you could me help out. Thanks! 🙂

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