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    April 25, 2013 at 9:14 pm #29982

    Hi There,

    Love the theme so far but just need a little clarification on the below:

    Home Page

    With general news, once I have over my limit it creates a link of pages. (1, 2, 3  etc).
    However these don’t go anywhere because the page doesn’t exist, Can i easily fix this by making perhaps few pages using the link structure it tries to use and just put the General news category on it?   If there’s a simpler way please let me know.

    Featured Image

    This one I’m still having a play with to display correctly.

    As the image for this is used in 3 different locations,  is there a way to have these display cleanly in each location or will I just have to tailor every image to look the same and accept that in the home page / Header image of posts,  that they will look a bit odd.

    Example:   http://www.vexwars.com  –  Looking at the Logitech G930 Review

    Kind Regards,

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