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    November 9, 2016 at 2:19 pm #88985

    Dear SW staff,

    To orient – I am still learning; currently I have roughly 6 months of part-time (here and there in the evenings, etc.) experience with all of this web dev stuff, just admitting. I’ll be bold and say that I’m picking things up fairly quick, but for sure I anticipate an occasional pestering of you up in the forums :p

    Regarding the topic – I will be as brief as possible. In short, I’m asking if there is a link to some instructions/tutorials that I may have missed, or perhaps there is a .readme file I haven’t opened yet, etc… just to be sure I’m on the right track.

    Quick example (based on where I’m currently at):
    – Files are downloaded (including the premium tournament plugin)
    – Files are uploaded to my public directory, as per what I found in the WordPress Codex and/or my hosting provider, accordingly.
    – A child theme has been created, accordingly, and I copy/pasted the screenshot dot png file into the child theme folder (just to say I did).

    As of this point, before I enter my dashboard and click on Activate, and given my fears that something crazy/unexpected may happen, the following questions immediately popped into my head:

    1. When I ftp’d the zip files and extracted them, currently the premium tournament plugin file(s) (i.e., ‘arcane_tournament_types dot php’ and the ‘types’ folder+files within it)… these are all currently sitting in the root directory (…/themes/arcane).
    Question: as this is a plugin, shall I assume that these should be moved into the plugins folder (…/themes/arcane/plugins)?

    2. Where might I find any tutorials (text, video, anything available) that I could read through and/or use as reference material, to help me along the way? Or, is this support forum the only?/main?/preferred venue for seeking assistance?

    3. Seeking clarity on ‘updates’… I admit this is entirely a nooby question but for context, this is only the fourth or so theme I have/ will be working with, and, the only paid-for theme, i.e., all the others were all free downloads from WP dashboard -> themes -> add new.
    Question: In this regard, is there anything ‘different’ that I may not be noting with regard to updating the theme as new versions are released, or does the ‘same rule hold true’ whether using free or paid-for themes, e.g., as long as I’m using a child theme I’ll be ok and not lose changes when uploading a future update(s) from your company?

    4. Lastly (for now lol) – following up on the post a few days ago about ‘new version out now’, can you kindly inform me when/where/how I can keep on top of future updates? For example, am I to just make a habit of checking the support forums now and then, or is this announced in the newsletter, or am I to be asking you to be placed on any relevant email list?

    Thank you so much for reading this! I understand that this is very very basic type stuff here, but it would be a huge help to me should there be access to any relevant documentation to help guide me along the way… and so I thought I’d reach out to ask as perhaps I’ve not yet come across it.


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