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    September 8, 2014 at 3:37 pm #48575

    I have a few issues that need fixing in this theme:

    1. If i go to the latest matches and click the results of a game, where the teams are displayed it cuts off the name of the team, The team name I am using is 16 characters long.
    See here :

    2. The matches webpage, when you scroll over the tabs for the types of games they highlight in red/orange. Why does this color not reflect the rest of the website theme, it looks odd.
    See Here :

    3. Same issue with team name lenght, if name is 16 letters or longer it bunches up on the follow us on twitter block on the footer of the website and causes the message to display as :
    “follow yournamehereon twitter”

    there is no space between name and on

    can these be fixed, or does anyone know how to edit these defects in the theme.

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