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    June 26, 2014 at 9:13 am #31591

    below are 3 images of my site i am working on at the moment with a brief description to what i have done so far, still alot of work to do and things to implement but getting there .

    1: Homepage i have added rounded corners , got some more work to do with the mobile side and the footer.

    2: forum page i have decided to go with simplepress but a modified template , got some colors to change still and other things.

    3: roster page looks simple but i have changed some code and i have nearly added the function to where you click the players name and it will take you to there page.

    4: Clan wars  widget you used to be able to click the clans name and it takes you to the details part i have removed that link as the games going to be playing do not need a description part. but a link in the menu bar will take you to the matches screen to see all matches and im making changes to that also on how it looks etc…

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