Partial Translate (Loco plugin)

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    April 16, 2017 at 6:52 pm #98979

    Hi, i have issues with translating Orizon. Im using plugin Loco for that, all plugins before this one had no problem, but i bought Orizon recently, and it cant translate few basic expressions.

    The most painfull/visible is “Read more” button and “Post” button at comments section. And i am certain, that in Loco plugin file IS “Read more” expression translated correctly. Maybe that is for some other function, which i dont even see.

    Strange is, there is one more file beside cs_CZ.po (my czech translation) and that is default.po which contains about half of expression, same as in translated file. There is also “read more” but i cant translate this file, i can only Context those texts.

    Could you help me with that please? This is unfortunately one of basic i really need to translate.

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