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    October 15, 2014 at 8:50 am #50897

    May we know if the API is conditionally approved, this API can be use in theme?
    We have try it, but unable to process to paypal payment gateway but sandbox test account does.

    Somemore, The API is only for business entity?

    We get this reply from paypal:
    “Thank you for your response. Crowdfunding platform has to be a business entity based on PayPal’s policy. Individuals cannot be the app caller of a platform.

    You have stated to use parallel payment API. Please advise all do you achieve the all or nothing goal on your platform.

    Also, you mentioned Game and Tech are the crowdfunding projects on your site. Are every donations promised to have some sort of reward in exchange or there will be some kind of donation for cause only campaign on your site? Do you vet every project before they are posted on the site? ”

    How do we reply to paypal as the question above? If some donor prefer “No reward”, Do we have to tell paypal No-Reward?
    What happen between Chain Payment VS Parallel Payment? We pick Parallel payment from begin, but paypal advise to change to chain payment, finally we change again to parallel payment. Which Payment API should be the best to the theme? Thanks.

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