Paypal APP – simple payments instead? how to collect funding mid campaign

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    March 15, 2014 at 3:33 am #30987
    Hi – im desperate for help!
    I’ve contacted paypal about this but since we’re in Oz theres no way I can call them and the answers I have gotten are very generic – which dont help!
    Our site is live and people are already donating (we’re using as a platform to track donations and individual targets for event participants of an upcoming charity event – and we’re taking 100% commission as the charity)
    We went through about 6  weeks of approvals with paypal just to get the site approved – we didnt need chain payments, but pre-authorised payments was approved.
    HOWEVER! We’re having donors ring (almost 3 a day) complaining their funds havent been taken from paypal (dahh!)
    So 2 questions – because we’re going mad with enquiries and need a fix urgently!…
    1) Is there a way we can change it to standard payments and not a pre-approved one? Just so it can take the payment right away – and not do a preapproval to be taken when we hit ‘collect funding’?
    We just need a simple normal paypal payment that will be taken right away and show on the progress bar still.
    SOOOO desperate for this facility that we’re willing to pay!!! ANYONE!!!?
    and 2) – if this isnt an option – can we use the ‘collect funds’ option on the projects half way through the campaign (ie – before it ends) without it affecting the end date or further donations? (meaning, if we hit ‘collect funds’ on the project, can people still continue to donate afterwards?)
    I’ve been too scared to try this incase we loose the donations already taken and the profile crashes or finishes early.
    Obviously having 60+ ‘projects’ (or in our case, people profiles), and potentially over $60,000 in the next 2 months, if this is possible, having to go in every few days on each profile to collect funding would be time consuming and open to error!
    As a charity we are desperately needing the already pledged donations in order to just administer the now (not after the end date) and we can’t keep fielding all the calls from people complaining they want to pay right away!
    Does anyone have any info that could help us!? We’re so so so  desperate!
    Thanks in advance for any quick response. 
    Amanda 🙂
    If it helps – here is my answer from paypal (it doesn’t make much sense to me!):

    1) It appears you are using a third party solution. PayPal does not have a collect funds option and profiles/progress won’t be maintained on paypal . This would be a question to the provider of the software you are using and/or your development team.

    2) You do not need to have the Application changed. This is because pre approved payments requires more permissions than simple payments or chained payments. So you could switch to a simple payment using hte same application.

    3) The funds are collected using the Pay API.
    So basically, you could send a batch of API calls once per week. However, for each payment you would need to do 1 API call. However, this would be again a question more specific to the software provider as i am not sure how your system works and how it is charging individual profiles.

     Customer By Web Form  03/12/2014 04:54 PM
    Hi Guys

    We have the website live and people have started to donate – however we’re getting complaints from the donors that the money hasn’t left their paypal acccount (obviously becuase we havent processed it yet)
    It seems this process is going to be bigger than we expected as we have to go in to each ‘jumper’ and collect the funds.

    2 questions:
    1. Can we collect the funds periodically using our collect funds option, and then have them continue to fundraise using the same profile without it affecting their profile, their progress or target? ie. can we process payments periodically without it affecting anything without having to wait till the end?

    This will stop the donors stop it isnt paying right away.
    We can’t afford to wait the 3 months till end of the fundraising period as all donations will be taken by the charity anyway (our site has 100 of money going to the charity, its not for crowdsoucing individual projects – we just used this web template so we could keep track of the individual persons targets)

    or 2.
    Can we have the app changed from ‘pre approved’ to just process the payment right away like a normal payment – so we stop getting complaints and save time in having to process donations every week?

    They person i spoke to at paypal said if I emailed you could look at the code in our website and possibly help us change it.

    or 3. Is there a way, rather than through each individual profile in the website, that we can process all waiting pre-approved donations in one hit through paypal?
    This way we could possibly do it weekly over the fundraising period to stop the complaints and would be the quickest for us.

    PLEASE HELP!! We’re getting so many emails and people complaining that we dont know what to do!

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