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    October 14, 2013 at 7:29 pm #30335

    I was working on the theme and I added a new Portfolio item, after putting content in the page, adding a photo and publishing my page I went to view the page and got a 404 page error.

    So i delete the portfolio page, proceed to finish it again and again after publishing a 404 page error when going to view the page. After this I go to settings and change the permalinks to default

    go back to my portfolio item and view it. The portfolio item is now viewable with the new url.


    The page is displayed now and i can see the portfolio page, after getting the portfolio page to work by changing the permalinks I try and go to an already existing page on our website (loltourneys.com/live-tournament-stream) and when I did the page url said we were on the page I went to, but the page itself was displaying the content of our home page

    After finding out that our Live Stream Page was not displaying correctly after changing the permalinks I went ahead and changed them back to Post-Name

    After changing the permalinks back to post name all of our existing pages worked but the portfolio pages give the same 404 error, So i guess my question would be how do I get the Portfolio Items to display correctly, I have no idea why they give a 404 error but display correctly when I change the permalinks to default, Also I have no idea why when I change the permalinks to default the other pages on my site dont display correctly, any suggestions?

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