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    November 10, 2014 at 9:51 am #52537

    So I’ve installed the theme, and imported the demo content. Great stuff.

    Now, is it possible to create a league table based on the content for matches? If so how? If not can you recommend a plugin that will integrate well with the matches and read teh info form the matches and import into the league table.

    Though the theme is called clan wars, I was wondering if it had the capacity for two things:

    1) matches that show team member names, or can include team member names by reading from the member list based on the social plugin, and then translate the results to the above league table – or will this have to be done manually?
    2) Be able to export a scheduled match to google calendar, or better yet to steam?
    3) Have a modal pop you reminder when a user enters the website with a countdown to how long till the next match is, and force them to close it, or have a reminder in which case 2 would be possible.

    I am not sure if these features are possible, with other plugins or without, but I am hoping there is some way round this.

    What ideally I would like is to be able to schedule the match and a reminder sent by email to the user, or a pop up to that effect. If it can be added to steam via a group even better. For example, you enter an optional steam group to export to in the settings and it will auto add to the steam group. OR If steam group sessions can be exported and imported or linked to the theme.

    Also is it possible to make the matches friendly rather than versus? So for example:

    Match Day 1
    Confirmed Players: List
    Unconfirmed Players: List
    Server and Password: X (hidden unless logged in)
    Time: Y

    Something like that? As I dont’ have a clan as such, we’re just a bunch of players that get together for sessions.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide or suggest.

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