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    August 17, 2013 at 12:10 pm #30220

    I have been trying and trying to figure out the size of the various image boxes so that I can craft my images to work properly int he theme

    with the parallax carousel going I THINK that image is 538×281  but I am not positive
    Also then when you are on the post…there is the window box at the top and if I pull a screen cap it measures about 564×163 or so but when I put an image in that size it stretches taller.

    Also no idea what the size is for the verticle container for the listing of posts…it seems to have a full size image under it but only shows a portion and it looks crappy…what image is that ?

    What is the image values of all the containers

    What I see is….parallax
    Featured Image…

    then below the carousel there is the more verticle image what drives that as it seems like it is using the featured but that sucks because if I make the
    featured image more right justified to not fight with the text in the coursel then that veritcle image usually isnt showing any of my image

    then inside the post is the wide but short image and also seems to use the featured but again cropping funny


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