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    February 2, 2014 at 10:42 am #30743

    It seems in some cases the text comes out to be white (or cream) on the same color background.  The only way you know their is text their, is by highlighting it.  I can give some screen shots when I get home, but you can look at it also @ http://supercentral.co

    To get to the right area, go to ‘the team’ in the carousel (3rd party plugin) when you hover over the client image, the box above has their name, but its the same color as the background.  You can highlight it if you want to see the name.  I thought it might just be their problem, but its on a few other plugins also. 

    Another example is the ‘donate’ (link located on the bottom of the site), in the top boxes to select the amount, it is the same color also.  I just dont know if I need to change css for the text color in the plugin itself, or if thats in the theme.

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